lauantai 23. kesäkuuta 2012

You can play Cursed Hope here:
(right click for full screen)
(tips: you need to click on the nightvision goggles to get them, shoot at the lock)
(The darkness with goggles is way too dark than i intended, sorry about that.. and all the bugs :D)

torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012

15.3 / It's over!!

It's 8:38 in the morning and we are all here at school. I have been awake the whole night crunching as we were here doing our degree works. I feel bit funny now.. but it's ready and over! Awesome-tastic!

keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

14.3 / More images

Sorry that I can't upload video, these computers here at school are too slow for videocapturing while the game is playing and the quality is really horrible.

maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

27.1 / Back in da school!


Last week was the lamest ever, but now that school continues, im back in the saddle!

I searched bunch of sounds today, tomorrow i will do some editing on them probably, maybe even
add to the game if i have time. I also did some minor game prop adding..

torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

16.2 / Todays stuff


I imported good bunch of assets to Unity. Tomorrow im going to import the latest patient room models and corridors and put them ready (place beds, chairs, tables etc), i did art for the Main Menu here at home, so that was nice improvement. I hope i will have the time to put it all together tomorrow at school (=today) to sleep -->

keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

15.2 / Thoughts

Hey folks,

I thought that i should write something..
Let's start the easy way, stuff to do:

- Write logfile's
- Start Screen (just static render and 'Start' & 'Quit' options)
- Start animation / dialogue
- Engine Mainframe (when you find 3 codes you can stop the ship and open exit door)
- Finish enemy model
- Enemy attack when near the player
- Player damage (blood on screen, gets darker)
- Player death
- All the sounds!
- Gun scripts (reload, ammocount etc)
- ..and a lot more..

There's bunch of stuff that i have made over the past few days. Models, scripts, tweaks, concepting, putting down ideas and all kinds of stuff. Cant't remember all right now..

But the cold truth is that time is running out and i feel that i might not have the time to make this work as it should. But i will try my best! And yeah, sorry i can't post any videos or images right now, i don't really have time for that.

Im taking tomorrow my assets and level saves from home and im going to throw all of them to Unity. Im pretty sure it will spice up the whole look and feel a bit when there's more assets everywhere. Then i will continue scripting.