lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2011

31.12 / about FPS mode..

I doodled with the Eve model, trying to get it to gun aiming position, well it went pretty good, but i realized that i will probably end up just messing around if i dont get organized first.
So here's my to do's!

- Reloading animation
- Shooting animation
- Ammo count - script
- Texture the gun and model/texture the clip
- Muzzle flash texture
- Camera movement limit in y (same as in 3rd person now, i think it could give bit more realistic feel..)
- Improve the headbobber script (iTween animations? Would be awesome, but not necessary)
- A nice looking HUD for the nightvision goggles view would be cool also.

That should be a good start : P

perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

30.12 / FPS Nightvision

Here's my experiment with the FPS Nightvision "mode" like i promised..
The lag comes from screencapturing..

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO WITH 720P OR 1080P!! wont see my uber imagefilter handywork otherwise..
image quality on that little window will eat it..

torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011

29.12 / 3rd person to FPS

Hey Look,

It's not perfect or ready yet, but i did a script that when i click the (nightvision goggles in the future) box, the view changes from 3rd person to first person. Small but nice improvement again! Yeah!
I try to capture video of the FPS/Nightvision goggles view with image filters tomorrow, it looks sweet =)

maanantai 26. joulukuuta 2011

26.12 / i did do some work...

Hey there,

I just couldn't resist doing some work and if im not mistaken, the animations of Eve are ready!
I also worked on Eve's textures. They are not 100% ready, but much better. Here's a list:

- i edited Eve to "hold flashlight" in right hand in every animation.
- added movement to hair
- fixed head position on strafe animations
- fixed fingers position/rotation to look more natural
- i did completely new jacket texture, much better now.
- new idle animation.
- ..and tons of other little tweaks!

New textures:

I started experimenting with the FPS/nightvision goggles view too.
Lots of image filter stuff, its looking good! I try to post images or video when i get back to it.
See ya!

lauantai 24. joulukuuta 2011

24.12 / Happy Xmas Everyone!

No work today for me, but i might try to do something for the "Flash in a flash" -Unity challenge.
But thats after Christmas. See you soon!

torstai 22. joulukuuta 2011

22.12 / New ideas / thoughts..


I failed massively in the alpha day at school, i bought only the .exe file with me, and of course the game didn't work, but i explained what i've been doing and showed my blog. The most important feedback what i got was to figure out the gameplay elements / how to make it enjoyable to play.

Things to be made:

- (This one's the biggest)
The enemy infested part of the game will be played in FPS mode with gun.
This will be much easier to make in many ways, here's the reasons.
     - Easier to make animations
     - AI should be easier too. Trigger colliders activate the chase interaction. No particle hassle.
     - Give's more intense feeling, get's scarier (Kimmo's idea, but i agree totally!)
     - This is more like the original idea of the game.
     - The transition from 3rd person to fps will be made when Eve finds the
        gun and night vision goggles..
     - it makes sense. The upper level is almost completely dark so you can't go
         there without them, there will be nice contrast between the more lit
         downstairs and the dark upstairs..
     - The nightvision goggles will have the typical green tint,
        bit of noise etc to make it look real so it is possible that the textures of the
        upper level doesn't have to be as good as the lower level.

- Puzzle elements / What should player do to finish the game, ideas:

     - Kill all the enemies.
     - Get code / generator parts to the door to deck. / this could be series of little puzzles.
     - Archievement system (there's a tutorial for this in Unity Cookie, would be fun to implement..)
     - Stop the ship (it's going to the storm remember?)

Im going to post about my decisions later.
But i guess it's time to enjoy the holidays now for awhile.. :P

tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

20.12 / Alpha day

I did massive amount of stuff today, here's kind of a list:

- UV-Unwrap the whole first section of the game
- I did the punch animation for the enemy and alpha textures too
- Added the enemy to Unity
- Added AI to the enemy
- Made a script that makes the enemy chase when pointed with light
- Added the particle emitter that hits enemy -> chase
- Random tweaks / other stuff

But still, i didn't manage to do all the stuff i wanted in time.
Here's what to do in near future:

- Enemy rotation
- 2nd floor UV-unwrap
- Textures
- Enemy punch animation trigger / player taking hit
- Player death
- Bring the newer Eve model to Unity, it has better textures and flashlight in hand, fixed animations, etc..

lauantai 17. joulukuuta 2011

17.12 / Enemy rig and animation

Im doing fine with the enemy model, i did rig and some animation for it today, but didn't finish yet.
Keyframing this time! :D
I will post video when i have the animation ready which is tomorrow.

17.12 / Enemy model

I did the enemy model today, mostly it was just deleting polygons and trying to get nice quads all over..
There's still lot to do, i cut off his hands and feet, im going to do them from scratch. Im probably going
to do some kind of mutant hands to him, maybe 2-3 fingers, definetly longer than normal hands.. there's going to be blood all over him, eyes stitched shut, and all the good stuff!

edit: actually the eyes wont be stitched.. but the mouth might! Stay tuned :D

perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2011

16.12 / Progress..

Look here, a screenshot:

I skipped texturing the level, i will do it before alpha day if i have time but now i have to focus on getting the enemies ready and making the AI to work. The Eve model is also old one so i will update that when i have other things ready. So in a nutshell:

- That Cylinder far in the corridor is the Enemy_wander controller. It wanders. around.
- The red boxes near walls are the Obstacle Boxes for the enemies to know where not to go.
- I just did the particle system for the flashlight and added the enemy to Chase me when light particles hit it.
- There's some minor problems with the pathfinding but i think they are mostly because the "doors" have to be fixed and also the pathfinding grid and Obstacle boxes can be tweaked for more accuracy. But it works for testing purposes.

More updates coming soon!

torstai 15. joulukuuta 2011

15.12 / Screenshot

Here's a screenshot of one of the game prop's ,iv stand:

I worked on the level 2 too today. It's quite ready for uv-unwrapping already. And then to Unity.
More coming soon!

maanantai 12. joulukuuta 2011

12.12 / Floor 2 screenshot

Here's some progress of "Floor 2",more coming soon.

Here's some pictures i have been using for reference and inspiration:

torstai 8. joulukuuta 2011

8.12 / Just to inform..

If i never finish my degree work, blame Skyrim.

I should be modeling the environment now, but i can hear Skyrim calling for me...
I would seriously just love to lay down on the bed and play couple of bunch of hours Skyrim.
But i cant.. or can i? Maybe if i do the base corridors, and then i reward myself with rest of the
day in Skyrim! Yeah!

keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2011

7.12 / What do you think about this idea?


I figured out evil little idea to speed up this project.
What about if you wouldn't have a gun in the game and you could only avoid the monsters by staying in the darkness? It could also make some nice puzzle elements, like you should point your flashlight to enemies in front of doors so they would start chasing you and then you could get through that door. Or you should avoid randomly flickering ceiling lights. Player would feel more hopeless.
No going rambo in there..

Also moving silently would be important (avoiding rubble on floor etc..)?

Other good thing about this would be that i wouldn't have to make the shooting/reloading animations etc, i should probably add a running animation though. But that would be 100 times easier.

So in a nutshell:

- Static enemies and wandering enemies, lots of them.
- Player stays in darkess (enemies ignore)
- Player points flashlight at enemy (chase)
- Player puts flashlight on while chase (enemy starts to wander)
- Random flickering lights (player should avoid)
- Player should avoid making noise
- Puzzles with light (enemies in front of the doors etc)

So what do you say? Is this good idea or what? Answer here or in facebook, thnx :)

tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2011

6.12 / Progress, or the lack of it..

Happy independence day.

I'm planning some major huge big cuts to this project. Im more concerned about getting a nice practical training place for next year and getting my portfolio done before that. The dumb thing is that we need to have our degree works done in (if i remember right) March if we want to go practical training. So i need to get busy. Here's some things to speed up all this:

- The ship deck "level" goes straight to trashbin.
- Level 2 will be stripped down to bare minimum.. Just few rooms with enemies and exit place.
- Forget some of the cool things i was going to add..
- Only one type of enemy.

I think im going to start doing the Level 2 today, i need to get the levels ready and to Unity. I can iterate on the textures/models/details later. Second thing is to model the enemy/rig/animate and add to Unity also. Then i can concentrate on the gameplay mechanics. And scripting.
But the main thing is that i need to get things out of the modeling stage and in Unity. Quickly.

I hope i can accomplish all this by the end of the year. But even better if i get things done before the alpha day. That's the goal anyway, to get working demo there.

sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2011

27.11 / Eve animations getting better..

..well not the animations yet, but the rig is.

I have the updated Eve mesh ready,
it's smoother now and i deleted some polys that wasn't necessary.
Im going to do the texture again later. Also the rig is ready now. It has bones in the hair for hair movement, bones in the fingers for gun/flashlight holding. So last few days went adding vertex groups to bones and fixing the weight map.. But it's about ready now. Next thing is to fix the animations.

Going good again!

perjantai 25. marraskuuta 2011

25.11 / Nooo..

I had the plan of doing all the motion capture animations from scratch, replacing the female walks with male versions to get rid of the.. well too feminine walk. But the male mocaps don't have t-pose in the editmode and i didn't get them working..

Putting it simple: They suck ass and i don't want to waste anymore time into these mocaps.

So im going with what i have. And do corrections on them. And keyframe shooting animations etc..

tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2011

22.11 / Slowly getting somewhere..

Hey there,
I deleted all the unnessecary crap from my Eve blender file and re-imported the .fbx to Unity. After that i've had small improvements at getting these animations to work. Really difficult to explain all that now, but trust me, I'm getting there! It's ridiculously late again and i have to stop workin.. again!

About a month before the alpha version deadline, and i feel like i haven't got nothing done..

maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2011

21.11 / About the Character Controller

Getting the animations to work with the character controller seems to be more difficult task than expected. Or, it might be really easy but i coudn't find any good tutorial / help for it.
But i have the characters controls in pretty good shape now. Slowly going forward.

lauantai 19. marraskuuta 2011

19.11 / Woohooo!

I made some fantastic progress today! I finally got the motion capture animations to work, so now they all start to play in the same position, loops work, all that great stuff. Im going to post some footage tomorrow, it's almost 4am already!

This is what i got:

idle (i might need to do another one, this one seems like she's dying in hypothermia)
walk forward
walk backwards
strafe right
strafe left

Well i guess all of them will improve when i iterate on them in future..
I got the forward walk and idle to work in Unity smoothly, but i need to work on the code to get the others to work too. But thats for tomorrow. Now to sleep!

torstai 17. marraskuuta 2011

17.11 / Decision

If i don't get MoCaps working in Unity tomorrow, im going to leave them as Plan B and just do normal keyframe animations. I have spent too many days just trying to get it work.
Time to start get shit done..

keskiviikko 16. marraskuuta 2011

16.11 / ...

Just to keep me working:

Im pretty sure i will solve the problem with my MoCap animations today.
I think it was because i used the "no offset" button in bvhacker when i cleaned up the .bvh files..

tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

15.11 / Fighting with MoCap

I've been trying to figure things out with these motion capture animations today. Basicly, the good thing is that getting the motion capture to work with the mesh isn't really a problem anymore, and I also manage to get the animation loops to go pretty smoothly too. The problem is that my character has (i think) different origin points in different modes. Shortly put: when I import the animation to Unity, Eve walks few feet above the floor.

So i guess the next thing is to figure out what's causing that and then continue working w/ animations..

e: i think i know what the problem might be. I think i'll have to go to pose mode -> pose -> clear transform -> location (rig snaps to same place than when in object mode etc), then i need to insert location keyframe for all the frames.. but i don't know yet how to do it..

maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

14.11 / Animation testing

Look at this,
I captured small test with my VLC media player. I did a walk cycle from one of the motion capture files, brought the animation and Eve mesh to my Unity testing scene and added character controllers. It looks really rough, but hey, i've made some progress!

Next steps is to:
 -Fix Eve's model and do all the other animations.
- Make a new testing scene (this one was for SimplePath originally, too cluttered..)
- Take the animations to school (i have better testing ground / controller setup there..)
- Setup the animations with the controller.
- Add Locomotion and Head Look Controller.

Some things to consider:
- Eve's texture (i might need to uv map it again to focus more on the back side that shows..)
- Fixing the area where Eve's pants go under the jacket (overlaps when walking/ao shows etc..)
- Adding bones for fingers (holding light, gun..)

perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

11.11 / The Secret Announcement !!

Hi folks!

So what i've been sneakily experimenting with for the past couple of days is..... 
Motion Capture Animation!
I came up with the idea (don't know when anymore..) that it would be super-douber-epicly awesome if I could get motion capture animations to the characters of the game. And it would possibly speed up the project cos i wouldn't have to keyframe every single animation of every character. 

And behold!
Today i got this working decently enough to show. It's awesome! Of course there's lot to fix (bone thingies, loops, etc..), but I just wanted to show what i've been up to. More to come!

ps: a big hand for (fellow student) Kimmo for guessing it pretty right what i was doing all this time. :D

*Sherlock Holmes seal of approval unlocked*

10.11 / Status Report


I've been working on some of the gameplay mechanics lately. Mainly the character controller. List:

- Character position on screen.
- Character controls, camera movement, character movement.
- Flaslight/Gun animations/movement (in what hand etc.. im probl. going for the Alan Wake style..)
- Headbobbing script in camera.
   (cool, but it makes it look like the character is going up and down. Needs  tweaking).
- Light switch script (it works, but needs range limit (you can activate light from any distance now..))
- Main Menu (just playing around with this, concepting, putting down ideas. Not so important now..)

I probably forgot something, but i'll add later if so.

I also worked on the Level 1.
I decided that i will model it first with all the pipes / stairs etc, and when it's done i will separate everything to separate objects (mostly done already) and start texturing the rooms and corridors. Pipes and all that will become separate asset bundles and it will make texturing easier and better quality and also it's better for Occlusion Culling to work.

We are planning to have a day at school where everyone shows some kind of alpha version of their game and shows what kinda progress they have made and to just introduce the game to others. So for now on thats really my goal, to get the Level 1 to alpha condition as soon as i can!
I really like this idea, it will motivate to work hard and sets a clear goal. Can't wait to demo my game!

tiistai 8. marraskuuta 2011

8.11 / What a great day!!

Yes, yeeees!
Finally I've made huge progress here. Today at school i managed to get the basic enemy AI to work with SimplePath. I made a test level in Unity with two kinds of enemies (wandering and static) and FPS controller with particle emitter simulating the "hit" area of the flashlight.
Here's the enemy behaviours:

- Static: stays in position -> light hits -> starts chasing. (These are the ones hiding in rooms ;)
- Wandering: Wanders around -> if light hits -> starts chasing

I try to take the ai_testing_scene to home tomorrow and take some video of it and improve it.

As what i'm working right now.. well i'm not going to tell you yet! :D But if i will get this work it will
be friggin awesome and hopefully speed up this whole project quite a bit! Super cool stuff!
I will post video if my experiments turn up successful.. :)

lauantai 5. marraskuuta 2011

5.11 / Eve's textures

I've been texturing Eve today. I've made pretty good progress, but still lot to improve. Normal map is a mess. I probably need to do new one. There's still lot to fix in the textures but here's the current status:

The top one is from Blender and the bottom one is from Marmoset Toolbag. I used it to check out the textures as i was working on them. And to render that image, get the feel how Eve will look ingame when walking in the dark corridors. And yeah, thats why both of the pictures are from back view, it's because thats from where you will be looking when playing the game.
"front" textures doesn't matter that much.

I'm bit dissapointed to the lowpoly model of Eve. I should have used bit more polys to it. I find it bit too blocky, but I'm not going to spend any more time fixing it. Maybe if i have time in the end of the project, i will enhance it or even do new one. We shall see.

perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2011

4.11 / Sculpting-o-mania!!

I should be working, but all i have done this day is go through countless pictures of clay sculptures in DeviantArt! I got exited about the idea of trying real sculpting myself so i asked a friend to buy couple packs of Super Sculpey for me from eBay. :D ,i might get those next week. Tomorrow i will go to see what kinda clays and materials i will find from the artshops here in Pori. Might even buy something to sooth out my sculpting addiction.

I can see myself working things like these:

But I'm pretty sure i will end with my first project looking something like this:

But hey, i've had my Blender open too all day. I started doing base colors for the diffuse map of Eve.
I made texture and painted it for 5 mins. That's all i've done xD
I need to stop thinking of sculpting all the time and start working... and pay that rent.

torstai 3. marraskuuta 2011

3.11 / News

Here's capture of lowpoly Eve with AO and normals on.
Both of the maps are unedited. Im going to fine tune them more, try taking cavity map -> normal.
Slowly it's getting better..

And yeah, i bought the SimplePath today. So i started working with AI and i got pretty good grasp of what item does what. The problem now is how to implement my own scripts with the SimplePath prefabs/other things. Like, i got an object to chase me, i know how to add the block objects (where enemy cant go) and i know howto make enemy wander and patrol.. But i would like to make object (chasing one) stay still and only attack when the particles from flashlight hit him, that's what caused me trouble. But i'm getting into it..

keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2011

2.11 / Locomotion System

I have to look into this more when I get Eve animated, but I'll announce in advance that I will try to implement the Locomotion System for Eve and the enemies! Here's a brief introduction:

2.11 / Unwrapping and baking


I did finish unwrapping the lowpoly model of Eve today. But when i tried to bake normal map from the highpoly model it gave me small errors.. Both Blender and XNormal. Can't really tell what for yet, Im going to investigate it tomorrow.. But i did do AO maps, and finish the unwrapping so i consider this day a step forward. And yeah I did about four game objects in school also..
And found few cool webpages, tutorials for Unity and dozens of others! Yay!

tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2011

1.11 / Progress Report

Hi ho, folks! And happy Halloween! (..or was it already?)

I've accomplished quite much today!
I did three asset models today at school (just the meshes, no texturing yet). And I almost finished unwrapping and making a nicely arranged uv-map for the lowpoly model of Eve. Tomorrow i'll finish it.
But now to bed! It will be a long day tomorrow modeling assets in school!

I'ts a  new month kicking in! Gotta pick up the pace!
(Skyrim, Saints Row 3, BF 3 gonna slow me down for sure.. :D )

sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2011

30.10 / Todays TO-DO

1. Eat.
2. Go to bath
3. Start working!

I have wasted enough time today on internet. Time to start working on the level 1 again.
Here's another totally awesome video series to watch, lots of technical stuff about BF3 rendering.

Actually i have found some extremely helpful sites today, im going to share them later.
So all of that time on internet wasn't wasted after all!

lauantai 29. lokakuuta 2011

29.10 / Eve highpoly

I sculpted the highpoly model of Eve today, phew! It took some time..
I also started unwrapping the lowpoly model, Marmoset Toolbag is playing games with me and doesn't open some models anymore so I had to render this one with Octane Render. Take a look.

It doesn't show all the wrinkles as good as they showed while sculpting, but you'll get the idea..

29.10 / Things

Morning everybody,

I think I'm going to start sculpting the highpoly version of Eve today. And maybe the enemies also..
I bumped into another super awesome video today. I saw it in Check it!
Blizzcon 2011 Diablo 3 - Making of The Black Soulstone Cinematic Panel

perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2011

28.10 / Level 1 modeling


I've been doing level 1 today. You can't imagine how ridiculously long it takes just to make couple of pipes! And there's still lot more to do. :D ,well of course I did other things too, but hey, it's going pretty good! Theres lot's of pipes to come, stuff to the storage room, engines.. so much to do!

Check it:

28.10 / Progresssss...


I modeled Eve today (yesterday..), it's quite ready to go highpoly/sculpting i guess.. I also started doing the first level. Basic shapes and stuff. And experimented with 3dsmax again.. Bit 'o everything..
It's 2:43am, now to bed thxbye!

Check this out! Cool,

edit: im gonna start writing "asset note" to my desktop, it's just a list of everything im going to need to model to this game.. Everything from fire-extinguishers to lamps..

torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

27.10 / Random Info

Hey everybody,

I've been off from computer for some time, I just got enough from just sitting at computer all day and did some other things for a while. But I made new discovery! I played Silent Hill: Homecoming today, and the first "level" was just like I imagine my game to be. The way player wanders around with flashlight, reading logfiles, it even has that kinda gameplay mechanic that enemies will be attracted by the flashlight! (although I didn't see moment like that). It definetly has the same feel that Im after..

I shamelessly stole couple of ideas...

I also practiced using 3ds Max yesterday, i've started looking into it. It's more or less industry standard so it's pretty handy program to know how to use.

keskiviikko 26. lokakuuta 2011

26.10 / Ship Deck

Working late again,

I started modeling the ship deck. It's really low poly still and it's getting late so I didn't take any pics.
It might be in showable condition tomorrow, we shall wait and see!

tiistai 25. lokakuuta 2011

25.10 / Eve lowpoly model

Check this out.
This is Eve's lowpoly-almost ready-version. Next thing is to start working/sculpting the highpoly model and face and then bake normal maps for the lowpoly model. (but first i will model some hair to her :D)

Edit : She has those fingerless  gloves on, but it doesn't show on this picture..

maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2011

24.10 / Enemy base meshes

Hi there,

I quickly did the base meshes for enemies in Make Human. I want them to be very skinny, human like, believable looking but horrifying.. I havent decided for sure what Im going to do with them, so that's why I didn't export them to Blender yet. I think I'm going to draw some concepts / write ideas down first. I had an idea that maybe their eyes and mouth would be sawn shut! And blood all over..

My inspiration for the enemies come from Rec movies :) ,like this:

What do you think? What kinda enemies would you like to see in a game like this?

24.10 / AI - Choices and Conclusion

Hi there,

Well I just finished googling probably hundreds of  Unity/AI/pathfinding/navmesh/etc webpages again and now Im pretty sure about the different possibilities of implementing AI to my game.

- Not even slight chance of coding AI / pathfinding myself in this time--> I need to get ready package.
- Buy SimplePath

+ Chase & Wander behaviours (both needed for my enemies)
+ Quite cheap (60$)
+ Seems easy to use
+ Could be useful in future projects
+ Creator seems to be very responsive in the forum / could give valuable help

- Doesn't have navmesh creation (Im not sure if this is a problem or not to be honest)
- I still need to figure out scripts for enemy waking up, attacking, and probably many more..

Other possible packages:
- RAIN{one}
- A* Pathfinding Project Pro

+ More complete packages
-  Both bit more expensive (70-100$)
-  Seems more difficult to learn

And then there was the Unity 3.5 upcoming pathfinding / automatic navmesh generation, but because it's not released yet, I have no idea how to implement Chase / Wander behaviours, and all that..
So it's pretty much down to if I can use SimplePath with my project. So..


Im going to put the work on AI aside for a while. Im going to contact the maker of SimplePath and ask bunch of questions about implementing it to my game and if everything seems good, I will consider buying it. Until then, I will continue modeling Eve and probably start modeling one of the levels too.

24.10 / Feelings on AI

Im getting frustrated here...

Setting up the enemy AI is way more difficult task than I imagined. I know basicly what I want my AI to do but executing it is pain in the ass. Im just considering different approaches now. Here's some resources and random ideas that might be useful:

- Navigation Mesh (problem = there's no tutorials how to do this, no free simple resources)
- Waypoint system (i found some free stuff, but didn't work on 3.5, Path got bad feedback..)
- Behave (if i remember right this should work, but doesn't solve AI navigation..?, difficult)
- Wait for next Unity version (automatic navmesh creation /crowd sim tools, sounds like heaven)

Battling with all this AI stuff and not getting anywhere feels like Im wasting time. Super irritating.
But now to bed, it's 3:40 am, maybe I'll get something done tomorrow after a good sleep. C'ya!

sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2011

23.10 / Report

I just thought to pop in to say Im not dead or abandoned my work! :P

I was at Turku seeing my friends, but now Im back in business. I will continue
my work with the enemy A.I today and probably do some modeling on Eve too..

perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2011

Degree work plan text thing..

This is just a plan of the degree work that teachers wanted.
I'll translate the main points in english when I have time.


1Tiivistelmä työstä (3 lausetta, huom. kiinnostuksen herättäminen lukijassa)

Olet Eva Madsen, Kanadan armeijan tutkimusryhmän jäsen joka on lähetetty tutkimaan Grönlannin lähelle hylättyä sairaala-alusta joka ei vastaa radiokutsuihin.
Yksinkertaiseksi luultu tehtävä saa kuitenkin karmean käänteen kun alus herää eloon ja huomaat, että et olekkaan yksin. Saatko ratkaistua laivan kirouksen ja pelastutko helikopteriin ajoissa?

2Uniikit featuret (Sisällöllisesti/teknologisesti?)

Episodi-rakenne (tämä on ensimmäinen sarjan episodi)
Visuaalisesti hämmästyttävän ällistyttävä. Katson kuinka paljon Unitystä saa irti.
Viholliset reagoivat valoon / valojärjestelmä

3Karkea MOSCOW-breadown (Taski/tärkeys/vaikeus)

Tärkeys: M Must, S Should, C Could, W Would
Vaikeus: VH Very Hard, H hard, M Medium, E Easy

Vihollisten tekoäly                              M , VH
kentät                                                   M, M
päähahmo                                            M, M
päähahmon kontrollit                          M, H
hahmojen riggaus                                S, M
hahmojen animaatio                            S, M
viholliset / animaatio / skriptaus         M , H
kenttäobjektit                                        E, S
puzzlet / skriptaus                                 S, H
äänet                                                      S, M
imagefiltterit / lightmappays / karkit     C, M
ääninäyttely                                           W, H
User Interface                                        H , C
Alkuvalikko                                           S , H
hahmojen damagejärjestelmä                M, M


Mallit/assetit/animaatiot/ myyntiin niin gameprefabs.comiin / turbosquidiin / jne..

Itse peli Steamiin jos mahdollista

Peli julkaistaisiin episodeissa ja tämä olisi niistä ensimmäinen, loppuisi cliffhangeriin ja sitten jatkoille voisi hakea AVEK tukea. Jokainen episodi voisi olla ladattavissa ja maksettavissa erikseen pelin kotisivuilla.

Muut jakeluportaalit

Mainosbanneri kotisivuille



6Yhteys aikaisempaan aiheeseen liittyvään kirjallisuuteen ja tutkimukseen, samankaltaiset työt

Cold Fear, Dead Space, Penumbra

7Työmuoto- ja menetelmät

Unityllä tehty peli.
3D mallit ja hahmoanimaatiot Blenderillä.
Pelihahmojen alut Make Humanilla
Normal, Specular ja AO mappeja CrazyBumpilla / XNormal
Lightmappays/ muut efektit Unityllä.
Tekstuurit Photoshopilla
Model Sheetit / portfolio materiaalit rendaan Marmoset Toolbagilla


Lokakuu -

Design dokumentti (tämä siis kattaa koko pelin juonen, pelimekaniikan, viholliset, puzzlet, äänien jne suunnittelun) , konseptitaide, vihollisten tekoälyn skriptaus, testikenttäpohja tekoälyn testaamista varten.

Marraskuu -

Laivan ja puzzle/tarina-elementteihin ja pelimekaniikkaan tarvittavien objektien mallinnus. Pelaajahahmon pohjan teko Make Human:ssa -> vaatteiden mallinnus, riggaus, animointi, vihollishahmojen pohjan teko Make Human:ssa -> mallinnus, riggaus ja animointi.

Joulukuu -

Hahmon ja mallien tuonti Unityyn, projektin aloitus, Puzzle elementtien skriptaus, pelimekaniikan toteutus, hahmon ohjauksen toteutus, vihollisten tekoälyn testaus,  ampumisen / taskulampun skriptaus.

Tammikuu -

Loppujen pelin objektien mallinnus ,alkuvalikon teko.

Helmikuu -

teksturointi, äänien lisäily, unityn image filtterit, lightmapping, valaisu,      occlusion culling, optimointi, 

Maaliskuu -

panikointi, loppuhiominen, testaus

9Mahdollinen työnjako

Minä teen kaiken.

10Tarvittavat työskentelyluvat

Nope. Ellei sitten koulun iltatyöskentely-lupaa tarvitse.

11Valmiin työn muoto

Unity-projekti / PC:lle käännetty Unity-projektitiedosto.
+ paljon portfolio matskua

12Mahdollisten asiantuntijoiden käyttö

Ei nyt tule mieleen mitään, yritän pärjätä ilman apua..

13Päälähteet luettelona


14Muut erityispiirteet ja sopimukset

Ei kait mittää?

21.10 / battling with the test A.I

It's 1.00 am and I'm tweeking around with the test A.I. Here's the idea for the light system:

- Player has a flashlight
- Flashlight emits light (wow!)
- Invisible particle system parented to the flashlight
  (emits particles to the same area that the light hits)
- If particles hit the collider of the enemy, enemy attacks

I have it working now like that when a particle hits the enemy, it prints text.
So next thing is to figure out how to make the enemy attack / follow the player.  

First idea was to raycast, but the problem was that it would require shooting multiple rays and therefore more code. Invisible cone mesh over the light was another idea, but again, that wouldn't be accurate and would require figuring out how to not react to enemies behind walls.

Particles will bounce off walls and also when they bounce if you point the flashlight to a room from a corridor, its quite likely that a particle will hit the collider of the enemy hiding in there, which is just the thing im after.. The enemies should react also to light that gets close to them / they can see. Not only the light that hits them directly..

torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

20.10 / Enemy A.I and other updates..


I came up with cool new idea for the game today at school!


I thought it would be quite nice horror element if the enemies (zombie/infected/mutant/thingies) would be in kinda sleep state and would react to the players flashlight when pointed at, if you point light near them or if you get too close to them. In that way player would be more forced to stay in darkness, and not just point the flashlight everywhere. Im sure it would trigger some heart attack moments when you enter a room and point your flashlight to the corner and this thing starts running towards you. :D The idea is that you can shoot only when you point with the light at the same time.

And preserving ammo would be one thing too. Staying in darkness and getting past the enemies without shooting could be a strategy element. But i have to think about this..


The look and feel of the enemies is starting to form in my head too.
I'm probably going to draw some concepts soon! Here's some ideas:

- Idle movement
  (so that player can spot them even when dark, it would be awesome if some of them would be       
   "patrolling" around and some just stay silent and still in fixed position.)

- Idle sounds
  (Just like above, the patrolling ones could make scary voices/sounds randomly.)

- Fast movement
 (They should move quite fast, it would add more panic when attacked and also partially remove the
  possibility for the player to spot enemy in darkness and just draw gun fast and kill the enemy.
  Need for couple of hits before enemy dies would also help at that..)

Other random ideas:

- Dust / steam cookie texture to the area of flashlight light. / also normal light cookie for the spot.
  (the dust one was teachers idea actually, but i like it. It would bring more life to the light)

- Dumping of the Level 2.
  (This might be necessary because of the tight schedule, so if I have time i will do it, but if not...)

tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

18.10 / New project name

I thought that would be better than just "Waltsu's degree work" ,so obviously thats NOT the final name of the game, just an working name.
If i have time i would like to draw/paint an "Cursed Hope" -logo too for this blog.

Btw, I did some 3d models today at school for this. First Aid box for wall, barrel and the gun.
I didn't finish texturing them, but when I do I will post pictures here! Keep checking!

18.10 / Level 2 Layout

Here's the layout for the second level, just as I promised!

I know it feels little short in puzzle ideas and all that, but I think it's better to add more of those later than now, because I think it's quite likely that I'll start running out of time if I add too much gameplay elements. This project is HUGE, and Im starting to see it now..

maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2011

17.10 / Progress report

Hey folks,

Im currently working on the level layouts again, I've got level 2 and 3 roughly figured out already.
I think Im going to try to make the Level 2 ready tonight.. But first Im going to take a bath!

I started messing around with the 3d model of Eve too, i made basic starting mesh with Make Human
and brought it into blender, but this is not the most important thing right now, cos I haven't even sketched Eve's face yet!

More updates coming tonight (hope so..)

sunnuntai 16. lokakuuta 2011

16.10 / Level 1 - "Alive" Layout

Some good progress finally! Here's the layout / details of the first "level" of the game:
Next thing is probably continue writing the desing document and stuff, I keep working like a bee!

edit: Well actually there's no particular levels in the game,
        but I design it this way, its more convenient..

lauantai 15. lokakuuta 2011

15.10 / Ansainta-logiikka

We had this assignment given today at school that we should write down things how to make money with our degree work games. So Ansainta-logiikka is of course Finnish and means basicly "how to make money with this" ,here's my ideas!

-  Put the game on Steam if possible
    (it might not be possible because of the small scale of the game)

-  Sell all the models / assets / animations in / / 3dexport.. etc

-  Publish the game in episodes, this would be the first one, would end in a cliffhanger, I could then
    try to get funding from AVEK (The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture) for the sequels.
    Every episode would be downloadable seperately in the website of the game.

-  Other distribution portals / sites.

-  Google Adsense banner to the website (this might be ugly lookin', but still a way to make money..)

perjantai 14. lokakuuta 2011

Nice tutorials for my project

Why i haven't been here before?
Looks like there's lots of handy, simply written tutorials in the Unity's blog. Check out!

Water Tutorial
How to work with assets properly

14.10 / Concepts, Keynotes and Drooling

I didn't accompish that much today.. sucks!

But what i did accomplish was that i started new concept drawings on Eve's clothes, sidepose and backpose. First i drawed basic outlines over these ready made model sheets i downloaded from internet, scanned that to my pc and now im in photoshop finishing the work, i didn't want to post anything of that yet cos it's not finished. Soon!

And while i was drawing i watched the Unity 2011 Keynote conference, they showed some of the new features of the upcoming Unity 3.5 version and i was drooling all the time! So much stuff that i would like to have on this project! So i hope that we get that version to school or i'll get funding from AVEK to this project so i can by that.. one can always dream, right? :D

But im pretty sure i will do just fine with the current version, no need to worry about that, i still got plenty to do! ..i really need to kick myself into finishing the level layouts and start writing the story and design document.

torstai 13. lokakuuta 2011

Eve's clothing concept

Here's a concept of Eve's clothes. I decided to go for quite realistic apporach here, so
no stereotypic revealing clothes for this character! :D ,and it's near Greenland and theres probably going to be icebergs and cold atmosphere altogether so it would be funny if she would have something else on than winter clothing.

Tomorrow i try to draw her head and maybe different poses /with gun, with these clothing. Keep checking!

keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2011

12.10 Progress..

Hey folks!

I did some concept art for the game today at school, designs about the ship.
How the layout is in the first few rooms and corridors that player will see
(the deck, stairs, engine room, hallway).

And i also wrote some cool new ideas down, about the ship being under quarantine, hazmat suits, blood on the walls etc, great stuff coming!

Im going to start figuring out concept pictures of the characters and enemies today, and also check out some reference material, including: System Shock 2, Ghost Ship (movie) and Hydrophobia..

I hope i'll get my concept work soon to showable quality so i can post them here, see ya!

tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2011

Synopsis and other info

So here's a the most essential info about the game in a nutshell, read and be amazed:

3rd person horror game with puzzle elements. And some survivaling..

Its year 2019, you are Eve Madsen, a research scientist in Canadian Armed Forces sent to investigate a mysterious hospital ship found near the coast of Greenland in the north atlantic ocean. The ship doesn't answer to radio calls. As the chopper leaves you on the deck, you continue your way across the dark corridors towards the engine room to retrieve the ships "Black Box".

But when returning to the helicopter, you lost contact to your research partner and the helicopter pilot informs you that a storm is coming and the ship took course towards it on its own. The ship came alive. Now starts the survival against time and the undead crew of the ship. Will you make out in time to the helicopter, will you uncover the mystery of the hospital ship?

Unity game. For PC.

Blog for my degree work up and running!

So here it is, this is the place where i will post my progression with my degree work. I suck at writing so you will probably see more images, artwork, 3d models etc here. But whatever comes along the way, i will post it here, so keep checking this site regularly!

As you can see there's lot to do. I havent decided the name for my degree work (a game) yet so the name of the blog is for now just "Waltsu's degree work" ,but i will change it when the time comes. I also fix the layout and other stuff ,but now im too busy writing the story for the game.