perjantai 14. lokakuuta 2011

14.10 / Concepts, Keynotes and Drooling

I didn't accompish that much today.. sucks!

But what i did accomplish was that i started new concept drawings on Eve's clothes, sidepose and backpose. First i drawed basic outlines over these ready made model sheets i downloaded from internet, scanned that to my pc and now im in photoshop finishing the work, i didn't want to post anything of that yet cos it's not finished. Soon!

And while i was drawing i watched the Unity 2011 Keynote conference, they showed some of the new features of the upcoming Unity 3.5 version and i was drooling all the time! So much stuff that i would like to have on this project! So i hope that we get that version to school or i'll get funding from AVEK to this project so i can by that.. one can always dream, right? :D

But im pretty sure i will do just fine with the current version, no need to worry about that, i still got plenty to do! ..i really need to kick myself into finishing the level layouts and start writing the story and design document.

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