torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

20.10 / Enemy A.I and other updates..


I came up with cool new idea for the game today at school!


I thought it would be quite nice horror element if the enemies (zombie/infected/mutant/thingies) would be in kinda sleep state and would react to the players flashlight when pointed at, if you point light near them or if you get too close to them. In that way player would be more forced to stay in darkness, and not just point the flashlight everywhere. Im sure it would trigger some heart attack moments when you enter a room and point your flashlight to the corner and this thing starts running towards you. :D The idea is that you can shoot only when you point with the light at the same time.

And preserving ammo would be one thing too. Staying in darkness and getting past the enemies without shooting could be a strategy element. But i have to think about this..


The look and feel of the enemies is starting to form in my head too.
I'm probably going to draw some concepts soon! Here's some ideas:

- Idle movement
  (so that player can spot them even when dark, it would be awesome if some of them would be       
   "patrolling" around and some just stay silent and still in fixed position.)

- Idle sounds
  (Just like above, the patrolling ones could make scary voices/sounds randomly.)

- Fast movement
 (They should move quite fast, it would add more panic when attacked and also partially remove the
  possibility for the player to spot enemy in darkness and just draw gun fast and kill the enemy.
  Need for couple of hits before enemy dies would also help at that..)

Other random ideas:

- Dust / steam cookie texture to the area of flashlight light. / also normal light cookie for the spot.
  (the dust one was teachers idea actually, but i like it. It would bring more life to the light)

- Dumping of the Level 2.
  (This might be necessary because of the tight schedule, so if I have time i will do it, but if not...)

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