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24.10 / AI - Choices and Conclusion

Hi there,

Well I just finished googling probably hundreds of  Unity/AI/pathfinding/navmesh/etc webpages again and now Im pretty sure about the different possibilities of implementing AI to my game.

- Not even slight chance of coding AI / pathfinding myself in this time--> I need to get ready package.
- Buy SimplePath

+ Chase & Wander behaviours (both needed for my enemies)
+ Quite cheap (60$)
+ Seems easy to use
+ Could be useful in future projects
+ Creator seems to be very responsive in the forum / could give valuable help

- Doesn't have navmesh creation (Im not sure if this is a problem or not to be honest)
- I still need to figure out scripts for enemy waking up, attacking, and probably many more..

Other possible packages:
- RAIN{one}
- A* Pathfinding Project Pro

+ More complete packages
-  Both bit more expensive (70-100$)
-  Seems more difficult to learn

And then there was the Unity 3.5 upcoming pathfinding / automatic navmesh generation, but because it's not released yet, I have no idea how to implement Chase / Wander behaviours, and all that..
So it's pretty much down to if I can use SimplePath with my project. So..


Im going to put the work on AI aside for a while. Im going to contact the maker of SimplePath and ask bunch of questions about implementing it to my game and if everything seems good, I will consider buying it. Until then, I will continue modeling Eve and probably start modeling one of the levels too.

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