maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2011

24.10 / Feelings on AI

Im getting frustrated here...

Setting up the enemy AI is way more difficult task than I imagined. I know basicly what I want my AI to do but executing it is pain in the ass. Im just considering different approaches now. Here's some resources and random ideas that might be useful:

- Navigation Mesh (problem = there's no tutorials how to do this, no free simple resources)
- Waypoint system (i found some free stuff, but didn't work on 3.5, Path got bad feedback..)
- Behave (if i remember right this should work, but doesn't solve AI navigation..?, difficult)
- Wait for next Unity version (automatic navmesh creation /crowd sim tools, sounds like heaven)

Battling with all this AI stuff and not getting anywhere feels like Im wasting time. Super irritating.
But now to bed, it's 3:40 am, maybe I'll get something done tomorrow after a good sleep. C'ya!

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