tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2011

Synopsis and other info

So here's a the most essential info about the game in a nutshell, read and be amazed:

3rd person horror game with puzzle elements. And some survivaling..

Its year 2019, you are Eve Madsen, a research scientist in Canadian Armed Forces sent to investigate a mysterious hospital ship found near the coast of Greenland in the north atlantic ocean. The ship doesn't answer to radio calls. As the chopper leaves you on the deck, you continue your way across the dark corridors towards the engine room to retrieve the ships "Black Box".

But when returning to the helicopter, you lost contact to your research partner and the helicopter pilot informs you that a storm is coming and the ship took course towards it on its own. The ship came alive. Now starts the survival against time and the undead crew of the ship. Will you make out in time to the helicopter, will you uncover the mystery of the hospital ship?

Unity game. For PC.

2 kommenttia:

  1. I want to see michael madsen in this game too!

  2. Sorry, no Michael in this game, i dont want him to come to my house and sue/kick my ass :D