sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2011

27.11 / Eve animations getting better..

..well not the animations yet, but the rig is.

I have the updated Eve mesh ready,
it's smoother now and i deleted some polys that wasn't necessary.
Im going to do the texture again later. Also the rig is ready now. It has bones in the hair for hair movement, bones in the fingers for gun/flashlight holding. So last few days went adding vertex groups to bones and fixing the weight map.. But it's about ready now. Next thing is to fix the animations.

Going good again!

perjantai 25. marraskuuta 2011

25.11 / Nooo..

I had the plan of doing all the motion capture animations from scratch, replacing the female walks with male versions to get rid of the.. well too feminine walk. But the male mocaps don't have t-pose in the editmode and i didn't get them working..

Putting it simple: They suck ass and i don't want to waste anymore time into these mocaps.

So im going with what i have. And do corrections on them. And keyframe shooting animations etc..

tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2011

22.11 / Slowly getting somewhere..

Hey there,
I deleted all the unnessecary crap from my Eve blender file and re-imported the .fbx to Unity. After that i've had small improvements at getting these animations to work. Really difficult to explain all that now, but trust me, I'm getting there! It's ridiculously late again and i have to stop workin.. again!

About a month before the alpha version deadline, and i feel like i haven't got nothing done..

maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2011

21.11 / About the Character Controller

Getting the animations to work with the character controller seems to be more difficult task than expected. Or, it might be really easy but i coudn't find any good tutorial / help for it.
But i have the characters controls in pretty good shape now. Slowly going forward.

lauantai 19. marraskuuta 2011

19.11 / Woohooo!

I made some fantastic progress today! I finally got the motion capture animations to work, so now they all start to play in the same position, loops work, all that great stuff. Im going to post some footage tomorrow, it's almost 4am already!

This is what i got:

idle (i might need to do another one, this one seems like she's dying in hypothermia)
walk forward
walk backwards
strafe right
strafe left

Well i guess all of them will improve when i iterate on them in future..
I got the forward walk and idle to work in Unity smoothly, but i need to work on the code to get the others to work too. But thats for tomorrow. Now to sleep!

torstai 17. marraskuuta 2011

17.11 / Decision

If i don't get MoCaps working in Unity tomorrow, im going to leave them as Plan B and just do normal keyframe animations. I have spent too many days just trying to get it work.
Time to start get shit done..

keskiviikko 16. marraskuuta 2011

16.11 / ...

Just to keep me working:

Im pretty sure i will solve the problem with my MoCap animations today.
I think it was because i used the "no offset" button in bvhacker when i cleaned up the .bvh files..

tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

15.11 / Fighting with MoCap

I've been trying to figure things out with these motion capture animations today. Basicly, the good thing is that getting the motion capture to work with the mesh isn't really a problem anymore, and I also manage to get the animation loops to go pretty smoothly too. The problem is that my character has (i think) different origin points in different modes. Shortly put: when I import the animation to Unity, Eve walks few feet above the floor.

So i guess the next thing is to figure out what's causing that and then continue working w/ animations..

e: i think i know what the problem might be. I think i'll have to go to pose mode -> pose -> clear transform -> location (rig snaps to same place than when in object mode etc), then i need to insert location keyframe for all the frames.. but i don't know yet how to do it..

maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

14.11 / Animation testing

Look at this,
I captured small test with my VLC media player. I did a walk cycle from one of the motion capture files, brought the animation and Eve mesh to my Unity testing scene and added character controllers. It looks really rough, but hey, i've made some progress!

Next steps is to:
 -Fix Eve's model and do all the other animations.
- Make a new testing scene (this one was for SimplePath originally, too cluttered..)
- Take the animations to school (i have better testing ground / controller setup there..)
- Setup the animations with the controller.
- Add Locomotion and Head Look Controller.

Some things to consider:
- Eve's texture (i might need to uv map it again to focus more on the back side that shows..)
- Fixing the area where Eve's pants go under the jacket (overlaps when walking/ao shows etc..)
- Adding bones for fingers (holding light, gun..)

perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

11.11 / The Secret Announcement !!

Hi folks!

So what i've been sneakily experimenting with for the past couple of days is..... 
Motion Capture Animation!
I came up with the idea (don't know when anymore..) that it would be super-douber-epicly awesome if I could get motion capture animations to the characters of the game. And it would possibly speed up the project cos i wouldn't have to keyframe every single animation of every character. 

And behold!
Today i got this working decently enough to show. It's awesome! Of course there's lot to fix (bone thingies, loops, etc..), but I just wanted to show what i've been up to. More to come!

ps: a big hand for (fellow student) Kimmo for guessing it pretty right what i was doing all this time. :D

*Sherlock Holmes seal of approval unlocked*

10.11 / Status Report


I've been working on some of the gameplay mechanics lately. Mainly the character controller. List:

- Character position on screen.
- Character controls, camera movement, character movement.
- Flaslight/Gun animations/movement (in what hand etc.. im probl. going for the Alan Wake style..)
- Headbobbing script in camera.
   (cool, but it makes it look like the character is going up and down. Needs  tweaking).
- Light switch script (it works, but needs range limit (you can activate light from any distance now..))
- Main Menu (just playing around with this, concepting, putting down ideas. Not so important now..)

I probably forgot something, but i'll add later if so.

I also worked on the Level 1.
I decided that i will model it first with all the pipes / stairs etc, and when it's done i will separate everything to separate objects (mostly done already) and start texturing the rooms and corridors. Pipes and all that will become separate asset bundles and it will make texturing easier and better quality and also it's better for Occlusion Culling to work.

We are planning to have a day at school where everyone shows some kind of alpha version of their game and shows what kinda progress they have made and to just introduce the game to others. So for now on thats really my goal, to get the Level 1 to alpha condition as soon as i can!
I really like this idea, it will motivate to work hard and sets a clear goal. Can't wait to demo my game!

tiistai 8. marraskuuta 2011

8.11 / What a great day!!

Yes, yeeees!
Finally I've made huge progress here. Today at school i managed to get the basic enemy AI to work with SimplePath. I made a test level in Unity with two kinds of enemies (wandering and static) and FPS controller with particle emitter simulating the "hit" area of the flashlight.
Here's the enemy behaviours:

- Static: stays in position -> light hits -> starts chasing. (These are the ones hiding in rooms ;)
- Wandering: Wanders around -> if light hits -> starts chasing

I try to take the ai_testing_scene to home tomorrow and take some video of it and improve it.

As what i'm working right now.. well i'm not going to tell you yet! :D But if i will get this work it will
be friggin awesome and hopefully speed up this whole project quite a bit! Super cool stuff!
I will post video if my experiments turn up successful.. :)

lauantai 5. marraskuuta 2011

5.11 / Eve's textures

I've been texturing Eve today. I've made pretty good progress, but still lot to improve. Normal map is a mess. I probably need to do new one. There's still lot to fix in the textures but here's the current status:

The top one is from Blender and the bottom one is from Marmoset Toolbag. I used it to check out the textures as i was working on them. And to render that image, get the feel how Eve will look ingame when walking in the dark corridors. And yeah, thats why both of the pictures are from back view, it's because thats from where you will be looking when playing the game.
"front" textures doesn't matter that much.

I'm bit dissapointed to the lowpoly model of Eve. I should have used bit more polys to it. I find it bit too blocky, but I'm not going to spend any more time fixing it. Maybe if i have time in the end of the project, i will enhance it or even do new one. We shall see.

perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2011

4.11 / Sculpting-o-mania!!

I should be working, but all i have done this day is go through countless pictures of clay sculptures in DeviantArt! I got exited about the idea of trying real sculpting myself so i asked a friend to buy couple packs of Super Sculpey for me from eBay. :D ,i might get those next week. Tomorrow i will go to see what kinda clays and materials i will find from the artshops here in Pori. Might even buy something to sooth out my sculpting addiction.

I can see myself working things like these:

But I'm pretty sure i will end with my first project looking something like this:

But hey, i've had my Blender open too all day. I started doing base colors for the diffuse map of Eve.
I made texture and painted it for 5 mins. That's all i've done xD
I need to stop thinking of sculpting all the time and start working... and pay that rent.

torstai 3. marraskuuta 2011

3.11 / News

Here's capture of lowpoly Eve with AO and normals on.
Both of the maps are unedited. Im going to fine tune them more, try taking cavity map -> normal.
Slowly it's getting better..

And yeah, i bought the SimplePath today. So i started working with AI and i got pretty good grasp of what item does what. The problem now is how to implement my own scripts with the SimplePath prefabs/other things. Like, i got an object to chase me, i know how to add the block objects (where enemy cant go) and i know howto make enemy wander and patrol.. But i would like to make object (chasing one) stay still and only attack when the particles from flashlight hit him, that's what caused me trouble. But i'm getting into it..

keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2011

2.11 / Locomotion System

I have to look into this more when I get Eve animated, but I'll announce in advance that I will try to implement the Locomotion System for Eve and the enemies! Here's a brief introduction:

2.11 / Unwrapping and baking


I did finish unwrapping the lowpoly model of Eve today. But when i tried to bake normal map from the highpoly model it gave me small errors.. Both Blender and XNormal. Can't really tell what for yet, Im going to investigate it tomorrow.. But i did do AO maps, and finish the unwrapping so i consider this day a step forward. And yeah I did about four game objects in school also..
And found few cool webpages, tutorials for Unity and dozens of others! Yay!

tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2011

1.11 / Progress Report

Hi ho, folks! And happy Halloween! (..or was it already?)

I've accomplished quite much today!
I did three asset models today at school (just the meshes, no texturing yet). And I almost finished unwrapping and making a nicely arranged uv-map for the lowpoly model of Eve. Tomorrow i'll finish it.
But now to bed! It will be a long day tomorrow modeling assets in school!

I'ts a  new month kicking in! Gotta pick up the pace!
(Skyrim, Saints Row 3, BF 3 gonna slow me down for sure.. :D )