perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

10.11 / Status Report


I've been working on some of the gameplay mechanics lately. Mainly the character controller. List:

- Character position on screen.
- Character controls, camera movement, character movement.
- Flaslight/Gun animations/movement (in what hand etc.. im probl. going for the Alan Wake style..)
- Headbobbing script in camera.
   (cool, but it makes it look like the character is going up and down. Needs  tweaking).
- Light switch script (it works, but needs range limit (you can activate light from any distance now..))
- Main Menu (just playing around with this, concepting, putting down ideas. Not so important now..)

I probably forgot something, but i'll add later if so.

I also worked on the Level 1.
I decided that i will model it first with all the pipes / stairs etc, and when it's done i will separate everything to separate objects (mostly done already) and start texturing the rooms and corridors. Pipes and all that will become separate asset bundles and it will make texturing easier and better quality and also it's better for Occlusion Culling to work.

We are planning to have a day at school where everyone shows some kind of alpha version of their game and shows what kinda progress they have made and to just introduce the game to others. So for now on thats really my goal, to get the Level 1 to alpha condition as soon as i can!
I really like this idea, it will motivate to work hard and sets a clear goal. Can't wait to demo my game!

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