perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

11.11 / The Secret Announcement !!

Hi folks!

So what i've been sneakily experimenting with for the past couple of days is..... 
Motion Capture Animation!
I came up with the idea (don't know when anymore..) that it would be super-douber-epicly awesome if I could get motion capture animations to the characters of the game. And it would possibly speed up the project cos i wouldn't have to keyframe every single animation of every character. 

And behold!
Today i got this working decently enough to show. It's awesome! Of course there's lot to fix (bone thingies, loops, etc..), but I just wanted to show what i've been up to. More to come!

ps: a big hand for (fellow student) Kimmo for guessing it pretty right what i was doing all this time. :D

*Sherlock Holmes seal of approval unlocked*

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