maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

14.11 / Animation testing

Look at this,
I captured small test with my VLC media player. I did a walk cycle from one of the motion capture files, brought the animation and Eve mesh to my Unity testing scene and added character controllers. It looks really rough, but hey, i've made some progress!

Next steps is to:
 -Fix Eve's model and do all the other animations.
- Make a new testing scene (this one was for SimplePath originally, too cluttered..)
- Take the animations to school (i have better testing ground / controller setup there..)
- Setup the animations with the controller.
- Add Locomotion and Head Look Controller.

Some things to consider:
- Eve's texture (i might need to uv map it again to focus more on the back side that shows..)
- Fixing the area where Eve's pants go under the jacket (overlaps when walking/ao shows etc..)
- Adding bones for fingers (holding light, gun..)

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