tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

15.11 / Fighting with MoCap

I've been trying to figure things out with these motion capture animations today. Basicly, the good thing is that getting the motion capture to work with the mesh isn't really a problem anymore, and I also manage to get the animation loops to go pretty smoothly too. The problem is that my character has (i think) different origin points in different modes. Shortly put: when I import the animation to Unity, Eve walks few feet above the floor.

So i guess the next thing is to figure out what's causing that and then continue working w/ animations..

e: i think i know what the problem might be. I think i'll have to go to pose mode -> pose -> clear transform -> location (rig snaps to same place than when in object mode etc), then i need to insert location keyframe for all the frames.. but i don't know yet how to do it..

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