perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2011

4.11 / Sculpting-o-mania!!

I should be working, but all i have done this day is go through countless pictures of clay sculptures in DeviantArt! I got exited about the idea of trying real sculpting myself so i asked a friend to buy couple packs of Super Sculpey for me from eBay. :D ,i might get those next week. Tomorrow i will go to see what kinda clays and materials i will find from the artshops here in Pori. Might even buy something to sooth out my sculpting addiction.

I can see myself working things like these:

But I'm pretty sure i will end with my first project looking something like this:

But hey, i've had my Blender open too all day. I started doing base colors for the diffuse map of Eve.
I made texture and painted it for 5 mins. That's all i've done xD
I need to stop thinking of sculpting all the time and start working... and pay that rent.

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