tiistai 8. marraskuuta 2011

8.11 / What a great day!!

Yes, yeeees!
Finally I've made huge progress here. Today at school i managed to get the basic enemy AI to work with SimplePath. I made a test level in Unity with two kinds of enemies (wandering and static) and FPS controller with particle emitter simulating the "hit" area of the flashlight.
Here's the enemy behaviours:

- Static: stays in position -> light hits -> starts chasing. (These are the ones hiding in rooms ;)
- Wandering: Wanders around -> if light hits -> starts chasing

I try to take the ai_testing_scene to home tomorrow and take some video of it and improve it.

As what i'm working right now.. well i'm not going to tell you yet! :D But if i will get this work it will
be friggin awesome and hopefully speed up this whole project quite a bit! Super cool stuff!
I will post video if my experiments turn up successful.. :)

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