lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2011

31.12 / about FPS mode..

I doodled with the Eve model, trying to get it to gun aiming position, well it went pretty good, but i realized that i will probably end up just messing around if i dont get organized first.
So here's my to do's!

- Reloading animation
- Shooting animation
- Ammo count - script
- Texture the gun and model/texture the clip
- Muzzle flash texture
- Camera movement limit in y (same as in 3rd person now, i think it could give bit more realistic feel..)
- Improve the headbobber script (iTween animations? Would be awesome, but not necessary)
- A nice looking HUD for the nightvision goggles view would be cool also.

That should be a good start : P

perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

30.12 / FPS Nightvision

Here's my experiment with the FPS Nightvision "mode" like i promised..
The lag comes from screencapturing..

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO WITH 720P OR 1080P!! wont see my uber imagefilter handywork otherwise..
image quality on that little window will eat it..

torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011

29.12 / 3rd person to FPS

Hey Look,

It's not perfect or ready yet, but i did a script that when i click the (nightvision goggles in the future) box, the view changes from 3rd person to first person. Small but nice improvement again! Yeah!
I try to capture video of the FPS/Nightvision goggles view with image filters tomorrow, it looks sweet =)

maanantai 26. joulukuuta 2011

26.12 / i did do some work...

Hey there,

I just couldn't resist doing some work and if im not mistaken, the animations of Eve are ready!
I also worked on Eve's textures. They are not 100% ready, but much better. Here's a list:

- i edited Eve to "hold flashlight" in right hand in every animation.
- added movement to hair
- fixed head position on strafe animations
- fixed fingers position/rotation to look more natural
- i did completely new jacket texture, much better now.
- new idle animation.
- ..and tons of other little tweaks!

New textures:

I started experimenting with the FPS/nightvision goggles view too.
Lots of image filter stuff, its looking good! I try to post images or video when i get back to it.
See ya!

lauantai 24. joulukuuta 2011

24.12 / Happy Xmas Everyone!

No work today for me, but i might try to do something for the "Flash in a flash" -Unity challenge.
But thats after Christmas. See you soon!

torstai 22. joulukuuta 2011

22.12 / New ideas / thoughts..


I failed massively in the alpha day at school, i bought only the .exe file with me, and of course the game didn't work, but i explained what i've been doing and showed my blog. The most important feedback what i got was to figure out the gameplay elements / how to make it enjoyable to play.

Things to be made:

- (This one's the biggest)
The enemy infested part of the game will be played in FPS mode with gun.
This will be much easier to make in many ways, here's the reasons.
     - Easier to make animations
     - AI should be easier too. Trigger colliders activate the chase interaction. No particle hassle.
     - Give's more intense feeling, get's scarier (Kimmo's idea, but i agree totally!)
     - This is more like the original idea of the game.
     - The transition from 3rd person to fps will be made when Eve finds the
        gun and night vision goggles..
     - it makes sense. The upper level is almost completely dark so you can't go
         there without them, there will be nice contrast between the more lit
         downstairs and the dark upstairs..
     - The nightvision goggles will have the typical green tint,
        bit of noise etc to make it look real so it is possible that the textures of the
        upper level doesn't have to be as good as the lower level.

- Puzzle elements / What should player do to finish the game, ideas:

     - Kill all the enemies.
     - Get code / generator parts to the door to deck. / this could be series of little puzzles.
     - Archievement system (there's a tutorial for this in Unity Cookie, would be fun to implement..)
     - Stop the ship (it's going to the storm remember?)

Im going to post about my decisions later.
But i guess it's time to enjoy the holidays now for awhile.. :P

tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

20.12 / Alpha day

I did massive amount of stuff today, here's kind of a list:

- UV-Unwrap the whole first section of the game
- I did the punch animation for the enemy and alpha textures too
- Added the enemy to Unity
- Added AI to the enemy
- Made a script that makes the enemy chase when pointed with light
- Added the particle emitter that hits enemy -> chase
- Random tweaks / other stuff

But still, i didn't manage to do all the stuff i wanted in time.
Here's what to do in near future:

- Enemy rotation
- 2nd floor UV-unwrap
- Textures
- Enemy punch animation trigger / player taking hit
- Player death
- Bring the newer Eve model to Unity, it has better textures and flashlight in hand, fixed animations, etc..

lauantai 17. joulukuuta 2011

17.12 / Enemy rig and animation

Im doing fine with the enemy model, i did rig and some animation for it today, but didn't finish yet.
Keyframing this time! :D
I will post video when i have the animation ready which is tomorrow.

17.12 / Enemy model

I did the enemy model today, mostly it was just deleting polygons and trying to get nice quads all over..
There's still lot to do, i cut off his hands and feet, im going to do them from scratch. Im probably going
to do some kind of mutant hands to him, maybe 2-3 fingers, definetly longer than normal hands.. there's going to be blood all over him, eyes stitched shut, and all the good stuff!

edit: actually the eyes wont be stitched.. but the mouth might! Stay tuned :D

perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2011

16.12 / Progress..

Look here, a screenshot:

I skipped texturing the level, i will do it before alpha day if i have time but now i have to focus on getting the enemies ready and making the AI to work. The Eve model is also old one so i will update that when i have other things ready. So in a nutshell:

- That Cylinder far in the corridor is the Enemy_wander controller. It wanders. around.
- The red boxes near walls are the Obstacle Boxes for the enemies to know where not to go.
- I just did the particle system for the flashlight and added the enemy to Chase me when light particles hit it.
- There's some minor problems with the pathfinding but i think they are mostly because the "doors" have to be fixed and also the pathfinding grid and Obstacle boxes can be tweaked for more accuracy. But it works for testing purposes.

More updates coming soon!

torstai 15. joulukuuta 2011

15.12 / Screenshot

Here's a screenshot of one of the game prop's ,iv stand:

I worked on the level 2 too today. It's quite ready for uv-unwrapping already. And then to Unity.
More coming soon!

maanantai 12. joulukuuta 2011

12.12 / Floor 2 screenshot

Here's some progress of "Floor 2",more coming soon.

Here's some pictures i have been using for reference and inspiration:

torstai 8. joulukuuta 2011

8.12 / Just to inform..

If i never finish my degree work, blame Skyrim.

I should be modeling the environment now, but i can hear Skyrim calling for me...
I would seriously just love to lay down on the bed and play couple of bunch of hours Skyrim.
But i cant.. or can i? Maybe if i do the base corridors, and then i reward myself with rest of the
day in Skyrim! Yeah!

keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2011

7.12 / What do you think about this idea?


I figured out evil little idea to speed up this project.
What about if you wouldn't have a gun in the game and you could only avoid the monsters by staying in the darkness? It could also make some nice puzzle elements, like you should point your flashlight to enemies in front of doors so they would start chasing you and then you could get through that door. Or you should avoid randomly flickering ceiling lights. Player would feel more hopeless.
No going rambo in there..

Also moving silently would be important (avoiding rubble on floor etc..)?

Other good thing about this would be that i wouldn't have to make the shooting/reloading animations etc, i should probably add a running animation though. But that would be 100 times easier.

So in a nutshell:

- Static enemies and wandering enemies, lots of them.
- Player stays in darkess (enemies ignore)
- Player points flashlight at enemy (chase)
- Player puts flashlight on while chase (enemy starts to wander)
- Random flickering lights (player should avoid)
- Player should avoid making noise
- Puzzles with light (enemies in front of the doors etc)

So what do you say? Is this good idea or what? Answer here or in facebook, thnx :)

tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2011

6.12 / Progress, or the lack of it..

Happy independence day.

I'm planning some major huge big cuts to this project. Im more concerned about getting a nice practical training place for next year and getting my portfolio done before that. The dumb thing is that we need to have our degree works done in (if i remember right) March if we want to go practical training. So i need to get busy. Here's some things to speed up all this:

- The ship deck "level" goes straight to trashbin.
- Level 2 will be stripped down to bare minimum.. Just few rooms with enemies and exit place.
- Forget some of the cool things i was going to add..
- Only one type of enemy.

I think im going to start doing the Level 2 today, i need to get the levels ready and to Unity. I can iterate on the textures/models/details later. Second thing is to model the enemy/rig/animate and add to Unity also. Then i can concentrate on the gameplay mechanics. And scripting.
But the main thing is that i need to get things out of the modeling stage and in Unity. Quickly.

I hope i can accomplish all this by the end of the year. But even better if i get things done before the alpha day. That's the goal anyway, to get working demo there.