perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2011

16.12 / Progress..

Look here, a screenshot:

I skipped texturing the level, i will do it before alpha day if i have time but now i have to focus on getting the enemies ready and making the AI to work. The Eve model is also old one so i will update that when i have other things ready. So in a nutshell:

- That Cylinder far in the corridor is the Enemy_wander controller. It wanders. around.
- The red boxes near walls are the Obstacle Boxes for the enemies to know where not to go.
- I just did the particle system for the flashlight and added the enemy to Chase me when light particles hit it.
- There's some minor problems with the pathfinding but i think they are mostly because the "doors" have to be fixed and also the pathfinding grid and Obstacle boxes can be tweaked for more accuracy. But it works for testing purposes.

More updates coming soon!

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