tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2011

20.12 / Alpha day

I did massive amount of stuff today, here's kind of a list:

- UV-Unwrap the whole first section of the game
- I did the punch animation for the enemy and alpha textures too
- Added the enemy to Unity
- Added AI to the enemy
- Made a script that makes the enemy chase when pointed with light
- Added the particle emitter that hits enemy -> chase
- Random tweaks / other stuff

But still, i didn't manage to do all the stuff i wanted in time.
Here's what to do in near future:

- Enemy rotation
- 2nd floor UV-unwrap
- Textures
- Enemy punch animation trigger / player taking hit
- Player death
- Bring the newer Eve model to Unity, it has better textures and flashlight in hand, fixed animations, etc..

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