torstai 22. joulukuuta 2011

22.12 / New ideas / thoughts..


I failed massively in the alpha day at school, i bought only the .exe file with me, and of course the game didn't work, but i explained what i've been doing and showed my blog. The most important feedback what i got was to figure out the gameplay elements / how to make it enjoyable to play.

Things to be made:

- (This one's the biggest)
The enemy infested part of the game will be played in FPS mode with gun.
This will be much easier to make in many ways, here's the reasons.
     - Easier to make animations
     - AI should be easier too. Trigger colliders activate the chase interaction. No particle hassle.
     - Give's more intense feeling, get's scarier (Kimmo's idea, but i agree totally!)
     - This is more like the original idea of the game.
     - The transition from 3rd person to fps will be made when Eve finds the
        gun and night vision goggles..
     - it makes sense. The upper level is almost completely dark so you can't go
         there without them, there will be nice contrast between the more lit
         downstairs and the dark upstairs..
     - The nightvision goggles will have the typical green tint,
        bit of noise etc to make it look real so it is possible that the textures of the
        upper level doesn't have to be as good as the lower level.

- Puzzle elements / What should player do to finish the game, ideas:

     - Kill all the enemies.
     - Get code / generator parts to the door to deck. / this could be series of little puzzles.
     - Archievement system (there's a tutorial for this in Unity Cookie, would be fun to implement..)
     - Stop the ship (it's going to the storm remember?)

Im going to post about my decisions later.
But i guess it's time to enjoy the holidays now for awhile.. :P

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