maanantai 26. joulukuuta 2011

26.12 / i did do some work...

Hey there,

I just couldn't resist doing some work and if im not mistaken, the animations of Eve are ready!
I also worked on Eve's textures. They are not 100% ready, but much better. Here's a list:

- i edited Eve to "hold flashlight" in right hand in every animation.
- added movement to hair
- fixed head position on strafe animations
- fixed fingers position/rotation to look more natural
- i did completely new jacket texture, much better now.
- new idle animation.
- ..and tons of other little tweaks!

New textures:

I started experimenting with the FPS/nightvision goggles view too.
Lots of image filter stuff, its looking good! I try to post images or video when i get back to it.
See ya!

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