lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2011

31.12 / about FPS mode..

I doodled with the Eve model, trying to get it to gun aiming position, well it went pretty good, but i realized that i will probably end up just messing around if i dont get organized first.
So here's my to do's!

- Reloading animation
- Shooting animation
- Ammo count - script
- Texture the gun and model/texture the clip
- Muzzle flash texture
- Camera movement limit in y (same as in 3rd person now, i think it could give bit more realistic feel..)
- Improve the headbobber script (iTween animations? Would be awesome, but not necessary)
- A nice looking HUD for the nightvision goggles view would be cool also.

That should be a good start : P

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