tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2011

6.12 / Progress, or the lack of it..

Happy independence day.

I'm planning some major huge big cuts to this project. Im more concerned about getting a nice practical training place for next year and getting my portfolio done before that. The dumb thing is that we need to have our degree works done in (if i remember right) March if we want to go practical training. So i need to get busy. Here's some things to speed up all this:

- The ship deck "level" goes straight to trashbin.
- Level 2 will be stripped down to bare minimum.. Just few rooms with enemies and exit place.
- Forget some of the cool things i was going to add..
- Only one type of enemy.

I think im going to start doing the Level 2 today, i need to get the levels ready and to Unity. I can iterate on the textures/models/details later. Second thing is to model the enemy/rig/animate and add to Unity also. Then i can concentrate on the gameplay mechanics. And scripting.
But the main thing is that i need to get things out of the modeling stage and in Unity. Quickly.

I hope i can accomplish all this by the end of the year. But even better if i get things done before the alpha day. That's the goal anyway, to get working demo there.

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