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7.12 / What do you think about this idea?


I figured out evil little idea to speed up this project.
What about if you wouldn't have a gun in the game and you could only avoid the monsters by staying in the darkness? It could also make some nice puzzle elements, like you should point your flashlight to enemies in front of doors so they would start chasing you and then you could get through that door. Or you should avoid randomly flickering ceiling lights. Player would feel more hopeless.
No going rambo in there..

Also moving silently would be important (avoiding rubble on floor etc..)?

Other good thing about this would be that i wouldn't have to make the shooting/reloading animations etc, i should probably add a running animation though. But that would be 100 times easier.

So in a nutshell:

- Static enemies and wandering enemies, lots of them.
- Player stays in darkess (enemies ignore)
- Player points flashlight at enemy (chase)
- Player puts flashlight on while chase (enemy starts to wander)
- Random flickering lights (player should avoid)
- Player should avoid making noise
- Puzzles with light (enemies in front of the doors etc)

So what do you say? Is this good idea or what? Answer here or in facebook, thnx :)

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