lauantai 23. kesäkuuta 2012

You can play Cursed Hope here:
(right click for full screen)
(tips: you need to click on the nightvision goggles to get them, shoot at the lock)
(The darkness with goggles is way too dark than i intended, sorry about that.. and all the bugs :D)

torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012

15.3 / It's over!!

It's 8:38 in the morning and we are all here at school. I have been awake the whole night crunching as we were here doing our degree works. I feel bit funny now.. but it's ready and over! Awesome-tastic!

keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

14.3 / More images

Sorry that I can't upload video, these computers here at school are too slow for videocapturing while the game is playing and the quality is really horrible.

maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

27.1 / Back in da school!


Last week was the lamest ever, but now that school continues, im back in the saddle!

I searched bunch of sounds today, tomorrow i will do some editing on them probably, maybe even
add to the game if i have time. I also did some minor game prop adding..

torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

16.2 / Todays stuff


I imported good bunch of assets to Unity. Tomorrow im going to import the latest patient room models and corridors and put them ready (place beds, chairs, tables etc), i did art for the Main Menu here at home, so that was nice improvement. I hope i will have the time to put it all together tomorrow at school (=today) to sleep -->

keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

15.2 / Thoughts

Hey folks,

I thought that i should write something..
Let's start the easy way, stuff to do:

- Write logfile's
- Start Screen (just static render and 'Start' & 'Quit' options)
- Start animation / dialogue
- Engine Mainframe (when you find 3 codes you can stop the ship and open exit door)
- Finish enemy model
- Enemy attack when near the player
- Player damage (blood on screen, gets darker)
- Player death
- All the sounds!
- Gun scripts (reload, ammocount etc)
- ..and a lot more..

There's bunch of stuff that i have made over the past few days. Models, scripts, tweaks, concepting, putting down ideas and all kinds of stuff. Cant't remember all right now..

But the cold truth is that time is running out and i feel that i might not have the time to make this work as it should. But i will try my best! And yeah, sorry i can't post any videos or images right now, i don't really have time for that.

Im taking tomorrow my assets and level saves from home and im going to throw all of them to Unity. Im pretty sure it will spice up the whole look and feel a bit when there's more assets everywhere. Then i will continue scripting.

lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

11.2 / Today's things


Yesterdays actually. But anyway, i did few things today at school:

- Enemies chase player now. (it was tricky to do because the fps gets instantiated with (clone)
after its name. So i had to add a script that renames it on spawning.
- I added 2 particle systems (walk,run) and collider (touch) on fps_eve,
they trigger enemy chase.
- I fixed some colliders to only get triggered from appropriate triggers.
- Made fps_spawnpoint object that can be moved easily to adjust the spawning point..
- And probably some other things that i cannot remember..

And i also unwrapped and textured couple of asset models. So it was pretty good day.
I think i start concepting the start screen now..

torstai 9. helmikuuta 2012

9.2 / Going good!

Hey there,

It's been reaaally wonderful week. I feel i have accomplished A LOT compared to past weeks. I feel working at school is more productive than at home. There's bunch of things that i probably don't remember right now, i will add them later, but here's some stuff i have done:

Script for Logfiles:
When you see a logfile on the ground/table/bed/whatever ,a box will appear that says "press 'e' to pick up". When you press E, a picture of the logfile will pop up that you can read, and a button that says "press to continue".

Things to improve:
- OnMouseOver & OnTriggerEnter -> pickup = true
- Tag (prevent triggering enemies?)
- DoF when image pops up
- Freeze keyboard controls and player rotation when image pops up
- pictures for popup texts

When ship comes alive, helicopter pilot tells you that you have x-amount of time to get out of the ship. When time goes to zero, bad things happen.

Things to improve:
- Set timer to start after helicopter pilots message (not done yet)
- Test good amount for the timer (probably last things to be done)

VDR Extraction
When you find the VDR, a message will pop up "extract vdr data, press 'e'",
and it triggers the engine script.

Things to improve:
- Delete the: Destroy(gameObject) from script
- Make the extraction take few seconds
- Cool looking progress bar or progression image etc..

Engines script
When player has extracted the VDR data and gets closer to the ships engines, the ship comes alive and the motors start to animate and emit sound. Triggers the pilot message..

- This is kinda easy, when i have the engines modelled and animated, it will be piece of cake..
- OnTriggerEnter -> animation.Play and Audio.Play (i guess..) etc..

Locate VDR message
When you start the game and go to this trigger a message will appear showing you the first message from the helicopter pilot.

Things to improve:
- Write the actual message
- Make the base texture for all the pilot messages

3rd person to FPS
When you find the nightvision goggles, a message will appear "press 'e' to pick up nightvision goggles". The 3rd person player gets destroyed and fps player will be spawned.

- Model the goggles and gun model.
- OnMouseOver & OnTriggerEnter -> pickup = true
- Set 3rdperson and fps to same scale/feel of scale
- Correct the fps spawning point after the final place of the goggles and gun.
- Add short fadeout/fadein when the change happens?

Shooting with gun
The gun now shoots boxes. When boxes collide with enemies, enemies ragdoll effect turns on.

Things to improve:
- Make the "bullets" go faster
- Make sure that bullets trigger only enemies (tag)
- Trigger the reload animation after 7 shots
- Not possible to shoot during the reload animation
- Add manual reload to 'R' key
- Add script that keeps count of the available bullets
- Nozzle flash
- Sounds
- Wall hit -> bullet hole

Enemy ragdoll
When you shoot enemies, they will get destroyed and enemyragdoll prefab is spawned..

- Fix the enemy animations, rig
- Fix the ragdoll effect (its quite funny now..)
- Add the amount of shots hit before the ragdoll starts.

tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

7.2 / Progress / Logfiles and shooting

I have made some pretty nice progress today. I managed to add shooting mechanism at school, so now when player fires, the gun spawns bullets. Today im going to add the ragdoll effect to the enemy when bullet hits it.

I also just did the logfile-picking script. So now when you go over a logfile that lays on the floor etc, popup window will appear that says "press x to pick up" ,and when you press that, it will show the picture of the logfile. There's some adjustments to be made, but it's nice progress anyway.

lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

4.2 / Logfiles and happenings..

Hey there,

From now on im focusing on the gameplay mechanics again and not the texturing or modeling etc.. there's about 1.5 months time left anymore so it's important to get the core gameplay to work like a boss. But it's really a nice to do something else after all that texturing :D

Good things and bad things:

+ The game doesn't look that fancy yet, but i know it will change after i get all the image effects, lighting, sounds and spec/normal maps ready.
+ I have quite a good collection of non textured props done. (20-30?)
+ After all the work, i feel quite sane still

- Still lot of stuff to do.
- Because of the huge amount of things, i feel that i need to rush and quality suffers..

Check this out, the logfile.. i need to script it (picking / GUI image popup) later today.

e: ERROR! the thumbnail wont get bigger. Blogger says im outta limit.. gonna fix that too later.

keskiviikko 1. helmikuuta 2012

1.2 / Progress!


I finally got the whole lower level walls/ceilings and floors textured! Of course they are not 100% ready but good enough so i can start texturing on the upper level. Gotta keep working!
I also made about 10 asset models in school yesterday (not textured). Small stuff.. pipes, etc..

maanantai 30. tammikuuta 2012

30.1 / Lot's of stuff going on..


Back from Global Game Jam @ Tampere! Im well rested and ready to start working again.

I learned couple of neat photoshop tricks this morning. Vector Masking and using Blend If.
And my Skyrim (pc) order came also! I hope the Creation Kit will be released this week.
Next week is the IGDA meeting at Helsinki where the winners of the Game Jams are announced.

..and top of all, i found the best meme ever today: Game Arts Student Bullfrog

tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012

24.1 / Progress on Texturing..


Very slow! Im working hard, but the fact is that im still progressing much slower than i expected. But i have pretty decent workflow now, and everything is getting smoother.
Here's a capture of the Utility Room:

But there's still so much to do! :(

sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2012

22.1 / Screenshot

Here's a screenshot of the Utility Room's floor.
Im still trying to figure out the best way to texture the walls, floors and ceilings that are mostly white. It's pain in the ass. I think im going with minimal details on the diffuse, and subtle specular and normal maps. The walls are covered with all kinds of pipes and stuff anyway.

I found nice custom shader for Unity too. It allows specular map to it's own slot. So i don't need to put the specular info to the alpha channel every time. And it also handles coloured speculars..

22.1 / Texturing Workflow


I thought it would be good idea to write down plans for the environment texturing.
Just to speed up the process..

- 2048 x 2048 white base texture for all lower level floors, walls and ceilings.
- Add uv-layer.
- Add decals / rust / seams / additional layers etc (not bolts/nuts!)
- Add Specular layer to alpha channel from the ready inverted diffuse map.
- Save the diffuse/spec map.

- Normal map base texture for all white floors, ceilings and walls. (really subtle one..)

- Nut/Bolt/Cord/etc Detail models concepts --> model library

perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2012

20.1 / What's Up


That plan for doing portfolio didn't work out (big suprise) for couple of reasons. First of all, i've been promised a game industry job! And because it starts next month, it will cover my internship also so i don't have to send my portfolio to anybody for some time. And it failed a bit also because i tried to do the stuff with 3dsMax and im really slow with it still (trying to practice).

I also made a big, but i think necessary decision: For now on im concentrating on environment modeling. That really feels like the stuff for me. Im also planning my portfolio / demoreel covering mostly environment stuff.

Stuff to do in the future:

- Doing concepts for portfolio / demoreel
- Get my hands on Skyrim Creation Kit! (I have couple of awesome mod ideas. environments..)
- Finish the degree work

perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2012

13.1 / About next week


Im going to spend the whole next week doing a portfolio content and demoreel.
Final result: beauty shots, playable Unity environment, demoreel.

"Initializing a weeks break from degree work..." ... *activated!*

13.1 / Progress on unwrapping


I did some changes on texturing the rooms / corridors. I split every room into smaller objects: floor, walls and ceiling. Now i can get higher-res textures for every part and do decal/dirt texturing because i can go without using overlapping uv's. And also concentrate doing just floor tiles for floor texture for example, no need for fitting wall textures alongside floors etc.. it's just simpler.
I can also use one texture for multiple objects in this way..

All the unwrapping (of rooms / corridors) is more or less complete now.

maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

9.1 / Uv-unwrapping and Texturing


I've been uv-unwrapping and texturing the hospital-part of the game, its going good. Most of the time went just figuring out the best way to lay the uv's and all that stuff. It really is harder to get an interior texturing to look good than say an game prop.

Good thing is that the hospital-part is played with the nightvision goggles on and there's lot of image filters going on, noise, blur, vignetting, green tint.. stuff like that. So getting textures to look pretty and sharp isn't really that important. And best of all, hospital corridor walls and floor are usually just one color and no shapes so i think that saves time also.

I came up with this idea of breaking 2048 texture to three areas: floor, wall and ceiling.
So everything gets the same amount of space. 2048 is the max and i will go down from there..
And because i don't use lightmapping i can do overlapping uv's. I hope.

keskiviikko 4. tammikuuta 2012

4.1 / Shoot and Reload in Unity

Here's the shooting and reloading animations in Unity. And the whole mesh of course..

Things to fix:
- Not possible to shoot while reload animation is playing..
- The ammocount script
- Collider to the gun so it wont go through walls
- ..and the whole script that makes the gun "work"
- impact animations to Eve and enemies

- Fix the slope limit on Character Controller (so she can actually go stairs up :D)
- Fix that little clitch on the left arm when shooting.. it slides down a bit..
- Gun idle animation..

tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2012

3.1 / Shooting and Reload -animations

Not perfect but here's the shooting and reloading animations for the FPS-mode.
I can tweak them later, i just need to get those in Unity.

btw, i will add the falling clip later. Probably going to animate it in Unity..