perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2012

20.1 / What's Up


That plan for doing portfolio didn't work out (big suprise) for couple of reasons. First of all, i've been promised a game industry job! And because it starts next month, it will cover my internship also so i don't have to send my portfolio to anybody for some time. And it failed a bit also because i tried to do the stuff with 3dsMax and im really slow with it still (trying to practice).

I also made a big, but i think necessary decision: For now on im concentrating on environment modeling. That really feels like the stuff for me. Im also planning my portfolio / demoreel covering mostly environment stuff.

Stuff to do in the future:

- Doing concepts for portfolio / demoreel
- Get my hands on Skyrim Creation Kit! (I have couple of awesome mod ideas. environments..)
- Finish the degree work

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