maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

9.1 / Uv-unwrapping and Texturing


I've been uv-unwrapping and texturing the hospital-part of the game, its going good. Most of the time went just figuring out the best way to lay the uv's and all that stuff. It really is harder to get an interior texturing to look good than say an game prop.

Good thing is that the hospital-part is played with the nightvision goggles on and there's lot of image filters going on, noise, blur, vignetting, green tint.. stuff like that. So getting textures to look pretty and sharp isn't really that important. And best of all, hospital corridor walls and floor are usually just one color and no shapes so i think that saves time also.

I came up with this idea of breaking 2048 texture to three areas: floor, wall and ceiling.
So everything gets the same amount of space. 2048 is the max and i will go down from there..
And because i don't use lightmapping i can do overlapping uv's. I hope.

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