lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

11.2 / Today's things


Yesterdays actually. But anyway, i did few things today at school:

- Enemies chase player now. (it was tricky to do because the fps gets instantiated with (clone)
after its name. So i had to add a script that renames it on spawning.
- I added 2 particle systems (walk,run) and collider (touch) on fps_eve,
they trigger enemy chase.
- I fixed some colliders to only get triggered from appropriate triggers.
- Made fps_spawnpoint object that can be moved easily to adjust the spawning point..
- And probably some other things that i cannot remember..

And i also unwrapped and textured couple of asset models. So it was pretty good day.
I think i start concepting the start screen now..

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