lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

4.2 / Logfiles and happenings..

Hey there,

From now on im focusing on the gameplay mechanics again and not the texturing or modeling etc.. there's about 1.5 months time left anymore so it's important to get the core gameplay to work like a boss. But it's really a nice to do something else after all that texturing :D

Good things and bad things:

+ The game doesn't look that fancy yet, but i know it will change after i get all the image effects, lighting, sounds and spec/normal maps ready.
+ I have quite a good collection of non textured props done. (20-30?)
+ After all the work, i feel quite sane still

- Still lot of stuff to do.
- Because of the huge amount of things, i feel that i need to rush and quality suffers..

Check this out, the logfile.. i need to script it (picking / GUI image popup) later today.

e: ERROR! the thumbnail wont get bigger. Blogger says im outta limit.. gonna fix that too later.

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